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This dude’s channel is awesome. Seriously.

Day 7: Less Favorite YouTube video of all time (not least?)

I really dislike the ones that have the same annoying Sparta remix. Ugh.

"I don’t even know what that means but I love it."

15 day YouTube challenge

Day 6: Favorite Ranting Video

This video made me subscribe to TimothyDeLaGhetto (aka Traphik). Sometimes it seems like he’s just saying what I’m thinking.

15 day YouTube challenge

Day 5: Favorite animal video

15 day YouTube challenge

Day 4: Favorite random video

This video is pretty random…and AWESOME!

Day 3: Less Favorite Music Video

Interestingly, there are several days where it asks for a “less favorite” rather than a “least favorite,” which is good, because it’s hard to find something that I loathe more than all the others. Since it’s horrible, I’m not going to post it, but I would have to choose “Friday” by Rebecca Black (seen here).

15 day YouTube challenge

Day 2: Post your favorite music video.

Again, due to my love of the subject, it’s really hard to pick. This is one of my favorite music videos of the youtube age, but one of my all-time favorites is Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity.

15 Day YouTube Challenge! Day 1: Favorite “Youtuber” - why?

This is super hard to pick. I really love Wheezy Waiter (Craig Benzine), Ryan HigaCharlie McDonnell, and many others. However, if I must pick just one, I guess I’ll go with Kevin Wu aka Kevjumba.



This is exactly why I hang out with guys more than girls. I don’t speak female.

‘T­was the week before Christmas
When all through the office
Not a creature was stirring
that rhymed with the word office
While everyone left work or school to go home
Wes, Ted, and Phil worked tirelessly all alone
Editing, writing, and designing a way-way
This was the night that Phil would go cray-cray

10 Day You Movie Challenge - Day 6: Pick 5 celebrities you would love to play your best friend. For each, find something you look for in a friend and build around it.

1 - Donald Glover - the quintessential cool black nerd.

2. Park Bom - she’s totally hilarious.

3. Kevin Wu (obvi.)

4. Daniel Radcliffe - he comes off as a cool intellectual who has a sophisticated taste. Basically, a borderline hipster. I’m down with that.

5. Simon and Martina (a 2 for 1 special!) - they’re the cutest married couple around and we could wast hours watching Korean music videos and doing Homestar Runner impressions while collecting awesome t-shirts. Yesss!


The Ghost of…Chris. 

(via wongfuproductions)