Day 15 - 10 favorite fictional characters

1. The Doctor (if he is in fact fictional…)

2. Hermione Granger

3. Amelia Pond

4. Oz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

5. Gwen Cooper (Torchwood)

6. Donna Noble

7. Patrick Star

8. Maurice Moss (The IT Crowd)

9. Crazy Steve (Drake & Josh)

10. Wadsworth (Clue)

Day 3 - 10 favorite TV shows

Hi guys! Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, I was unable to get on tumblr for a while, so here’s day 3 (finally)! No particular order, btw.

  1. Running Man
  2. History Detectives
  3. Strong Heart
  4. Jeopardy!
  5. The Cosby Show
  6. Doctor Who
  7. Torchwood: Children of Earth
  8. Victorious (my guilty pleasure, lol)
  9. Match Game
  10. How I Met Your Mother

If you want a quality program to watch that isn’t too lengthy this summer (and you don’t mind subtitles), I have a suggestion.

Reason’s why you may be interested/should watch it -

  1.  It’s a historical drama that doesn’t revolve around white people.
  2.  It touches on issues such as women’s rights, homosexuality, Confucianism, balance of political power, party divisions, class divisions, trade, and the balance between legality, morality, and justice.
  3. It’s also got romance with hints of comedy and vigilante action.
  4. It’s only 20 1-hour episodes and it’s free and legal to watch online.

The show is called Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and it takes place in Joseon (Modern Day Korea) in 1790. If you regularly watch Asian dramas, you’ve probably already watched it or at least heard of it. I’ve never watched an Asian historical drama before and was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining and content-filled it turned out to be.

You can watch the series in its entirety here. Also, if you connect your facebook account, the site will keep track of what episodes you’ve seen and how far into the episode you are. Enjoy!

10 Day You Movie Challenge - Day 8: Pick two pairs (four altogether) of celebs that can play your parents.

My parents happen to strongly resemble some celebrities. My mom looks just like Julianne Moore, and my dad looks like a blend between Shaq and American Idol Judge, Randy Jackson. However, his personality is exactly like Shaq’s.

10 Day You Movie Challenge - Day 7: Pick 5 celebrities you would love to play your enemy. For each, find something that really ticks you off and build around it.

1. Anjelica Huston, because she’s really good at playing super evil women.

2. Megan Fox - there’s just something about her…

3. John Simm, because as The Master, he played my favorite kind of evil. The uber-cray-cray kind.

4. Drake, because he’s a former actor and he seems a bit cocky.

5. Dane Cook - nuff said.

10 Day You Movie Challenge - Day 6: Pick 5 celebrities you would love to play your best friend. For each, find something you look for in a friend and build around it.

1 - Donald Glover - the quintessential cool black nerd.

2. Park Bom - she’s totally hilarious.

3. Kevin Wu (obvi.)

4. Daniel Radcliffe - he comes off as a cool intellectual who has a sophisticated taste. Basically, a borderline hipster. I’m down with that.

5. Simon and Martina (a 2 for 1 special!) - they’re the cutest married couple around and we could wast hours watching Korean music videos and doing Homestar Runner impressions while collecting awesome t-shirts. Yesss!

10 Day You Movie Challenge - Day 5: Pick 5 celebrities you would love to play your love interest. For each, find something that attracts you and build around it.

Crap, 5? Whenever there’s a list of 5 celebs to be attracted to, I always run out after 2 people or so. Okay let’s see…(btw, this probably took me like an hour. So ridiculous haha)

1. Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P) - He’s a good actor, has the ability to be really silly, and he’s tall and has a deep voice.

2. Ok Taecyeon (Taec) - Same reasons, plus he can speak English.

3. Victor Kim - he makes really cool art…and music…and dances. Basically most of the time spent in a studio creating stuff. Pretty awesome.

4. Lee Ki Woo, but only if his personality is like his character, Choi Kang Hyuk, the quirky, narcoleptic, protective chef who’s a true respecter of persons.

5. Chester See - he’s super funny, and he seems to have the ability to at least almost cry on queue, which is useful. Plus - Chester Knows! (Although I may actually end up spending more time with that red piano…)

10 Day You Movie Challenge - Day 4: Pick 5 celebrities you would love to play you. For each celebrity, give a different personality to them that relates to you. 

Nobody really looks like me, so I basically just went with personality.

1 - Maya Rudolph, because she’s goofy

2 - Moon Geun Young - she’s good at being depressed, and she can play the guitar

3 - Olivia Munn, because she’s nerdy and likes video games

4 - Alicia Keys - like me she learned Suzuki piano, has a redheaded mother, homeschooled, and graduated high school a couple years early.

5 - Aaliyah (yes, I’m aware.) - she’s soft spoken like I was most of my life and still am from time to time.


10 Day Movie You Challenge:

Title: Rae

Rating: R (for language - my family curses a lot)

Genre: Dramedy (Comedy-Drama)


Follow the unlikely but true story of a 20-something, low income, American girl as she goes through life’s trials, and life’s miracles as she overcomes Aspberger’s Syndrome and learns to move past her difficult childhood and family life in order to attempt to become a functioning adult, form her identity, and find her life’s calling.