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This app is officially too addictive. I just made #SNSD #taeyeon and I’m not even a #sone. #fwp #kpop

  • 2AM: I Can't Let You Go Even If I Die
  • 2NE1: Follow Me
  • 2PM: Hands Up
  • 4Minute: Huh
  • AA:
  • A-JAX:
  • APink:
  • After School: Diva
  • B1A4:
  • B.A.P: Power
  • Batoost: The Fact/Fiction
  • Big Bang: Monster; Tell Me Goodbye
  • Block B: Nanrina
  • Boyfriend:
  • Brown Eyed Girls: Sixth Sense
  • BTOB:
  • Chocolat:
  • Cross Gene:
  • CNBlue: L.O.V.E. Girl
  • DGNA:
  • Dalmatian:
  • DBSK: Before U Go; Wrong Number
  • EXO: MAMA (simply for the videos' unintentional comedic genius)
  • F.Cuz:
  • F.T. Island: Hello Hello
  • f(x): Electric Shock
  • Girl's Day: Twinkle Twinkle
  • Girls' Generation: Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
  • Hello Venus:
  • Infinite:
  • JJ Project:
  • JYJ:
  • Kara: Step
  • LED Apple: Time's Up
  • MBLAQ: Cry; Stay
  • miss A: Breathe
  • Nine Muses:
  • Nu'est:
  • Rainbow:
  • RaNia:
  • SS501:
  • Secret:
  • SHINee: Clue + Note
  • Shinhwa:
  • Sistar:
  • Super Junior: Monster
  • Supernova:
  • Sunny Hill: The Grashopper Song
  • T-ARA: Roly Poly; Lovey Dovey
  • TaeTiSeo: Twinkle
  • Teen Top:
  • UKiss: Tick Tack (JPN)
  • VIXX:
  • Wonder Girls: Like This
  • ZE;A:
Oh, Jessica. At least you’re really pretty and have a nice voice! Nobody’s perfect.

Oh, Jessica. At least you’re really pretty and have a nice voice! Nobody’s perfect.

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30 Day K-Pop Challenge -Day 30: A k-pop idol that has amazing eye smiles

There are several k-pop idols with great smiles, but whenever I hear of a great eye smile, the first two people that come to mind are Tiffany and Taeyang. Out of those two, I’d have to say Tiffany edges out Taeyang by a hair.

And with that, I’ve finished my first 30 day challenge. ^_^

So freakin adorable. ♥

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Oh Yuri, you’re adorable.

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