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Hi guys! Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, I was unable to get on tumblr for a while, so here’s day 3 (finally)! No particular order, btw.

  1. Running Man
  2. History Detectives
  3. Strong Heart
  4. Jeopardy!
  5. The Cosby Show
  6. Doctor Who
  7. Torchwood: Children of Earth
  8. Victorious (my guilty pleasure, lol)
  9. Match Game
  10. How I Met Your Mother

20 Day Running Man Challenge - DAY 20: WHY DO YOU LOVE RUNNING MAN

The people are what makes this show. Not just the personalities and relationships between cast members, but with the crew and guests as well. There is something familiar and funny about each person involved, and their honest reactions to zany and mundane situations make the show all the more entertaining. They all have loving attitudes and good clean fun that makes all the viewers feel happy when they watch.

People that know me know that I usually don’t get angry unless I have a really legitimate reason to become angry, like a personal betrayal or the like. The only thing I can imagine being frustrated about is when there’s a technical difficulty with the video itself.

20 Day Running Man Challenge - DAY 18: MOMENT THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY
The return of Joong Ki (episodes 65-66)

20 Day Running Man Challenge - DAY 18: MOMENT THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY

The return of Joong Ki (episodes 65-66)

I can’t really think of one. Running Man always makes me happy! Although I didn’t see Joong Ki’s farewell episode, and that probably would have made me sad. I was bummed when I found out he wouldn’t be on the show anymore.

Whenever they have to find the most popular food, whether it’s in a certain district or for a certain meal like in episodes 39 and 45. Although seeing the different street vendors is cool, after about 20 minutes it starts to get a bit boring.

20 Day Running Man Challenge - DAY 15:  YOUR FAVOURITE RUNNING MAN MISSION

"Find the Best Commercial Model!" - Episode 45

I cried laughing when the running men and Jang Hyuk started modeling these jeans. Hysterical!

I don’t like it when they use big office buildings, but then again, I just don’t like the insides of most office buildings. The thought of working in a cubicle all day…

20 Day Running Man Challenge - DAY 13: YOUR FAVOURITE LOCATION

The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts (episode 30)

20 Day Running Man Challenge - DAY 12: YOUR FAVOURITE RUNNING MAN MOMENT

There’s so many to choose from, but my favorite is probably when they did diet karaoke in episode 28. It gets me crying laughing every time! Whoever came up with the idea of attaching karaoke mics to exercise equipment is a genius.