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I’m slightly surprised at how antsy I’ve been without a phone for the past 11-12 hours. I’m really starting to feel the anxiety now. 


I decided I’d start all over with makeup, and actually put some on today.

…and then I took a selfie.

I feel oddly okay with it?

I have no idea what I’m doing with my life.


So I finally started watching Answer Me/Reply 1994 and I only watched 4 episodes, yet cried 3 times. 

This is not normal.


skosh \skohsh, noun:

Slang. a bit; a jot: We need just a skosh more room.

The pack’s momentum had nailed me facedown cause a pebble under my toe had rolled, but it wouldn’t’ve if I’d been a skosh more coherent.
— John Barnes, The Sky So Big and Black, 2002
Except there’s just the barest…

Mini-anecdote: Skosh actually comes from the Japanese word skoshi ( 少し), and I didn’t know it was used in English slang until I took a linguistics class about a year and a half ago. I’m not sure if it was first used in fashion or what, but I think it’s kinda cool that English speakers are using it now.

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This video is so dumb, but it makes me laugh more each time I watch it. I bet my little sister will agree with me.

I just saw a man getting a manicure from another man.

Alright, Imma get off here for a while, do some homework and other productive stuff, then come back on and leave random nice things in a few ask boxes. I’m hoping that by writing this down and sharing it, that I will actually do it (my homework, that is). The time right now is 9:01 CST. I’ll let you know later if I am successful if y’all seem interested.


What is happening

I don’t even know how to react. Therefore, I will respond with a gif that makes about the same amount of sense as this post.

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In the past week, a gif I found of baby Yerin and shared almost a year ago has gained nearly a thousand notes. I keep getting notifications on my phone every 10 seconds on average of another note on this GIF. 


I suppose this isn’t as strange as the time some stranger posted a picture of my dad using a shake weight and it going viral because he resembles Randy Jackson, but it’s still kinda weird.

Man, Vasari loved Michelangelo more than Kel loved orange soda.

Is it time for me to get a new theme? It’s been a while…perhaps just a change in color?




some awesome signs outside the Supreme Court

May I just please direct your attention to the facial expression of the girl in the middle last picture? It’s quite amazing.

not long ago our marriage was illegal 

if that doesn’t put shit in perspective then what does

I’m kind of surprised at how this particular post just struck me emotionally. I’ve seen/heard these arguments made before. Perhaps it was because scrolling through the pictures one by one I saw the last one and was reminded of my mom and dad. They never married (they’re good friends now), but they had to face  occasional hateful things said to them and at least on one occasion at me as a newborn… and they heard it from people in their families. That was only 23 years ago. As a Christian, seeing people in my Christian “family” say hurtful things - I cannot even imagine how much more it would hurt if I was gay too. 

Just a thought.

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  • ~ Where is your cell phone? pocket
  • ~ Your significant other? unkown
  • ~ Your hair? straight
  • ~ Your mother? wonderful
  • ~ Your father? relaxing
  • ~ Your favorite thing? happiness
  • ~ Your dream last night? weird
  • ~ Your favorite drink? tea
  • ~ Your dream/goal? love
  • ~ What room are you in? main
  • ~ Your hobby? music
  • ~ Your fear? failure
  • ~ Where were you last night? Mom's
  • ~ Something that you aren't? male
  • ~ Muffins? chocolate
  • ~ Wish list item? Korea
  • ~ Last thing you did? click
  • ~ What are you wearing? clothes
  • ~ TV? BBCA
  • ~ Your pet? animals
  • ~ Friends? Pheebs?
  • ~ Your life? incredible
  • ~ Your mood? relaxed
  • ~ Missing someone? always
  • ~ Drinking? soda
  • ~ Your car? what?
  • ~ Something you're not wearing? shoes
  • ~ Your favorite store? iTunes
  • ~ Your favorite color? beautiful
  • ~ When is the last time you cried? today
  • ~ My favorite place to eat? Normal
  • ~ Favorite place I'd like to be at right now? here

Even though it’s been several tumultuous years in the making, this chapter of my life is starting to come to an end. Although part of me feels really ready to move forward and see what’s next, it’s still crazy to think that it’s actually almost here. I’m not even entirely sure how to feel about it - just thought I’d share.