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The thing about human beings is that they are constantly inconstant. We all have nobility in us, we all have moments of weakness, we all say things we don’t mean, we do things we wish we hadn’t done. And then there are days when we are amazing, and we are the best version of ourselves. [x]

The quote about Joss is the thing that I absolutely love - in all of his work, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, you have these people and they are PEOPLE and there are times when you hate the good guys and love the bad guys and it’s just…… perfection…

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Gif Challenge (Again!)

The 7th gif in your folder was how you felt this morning:

The 31st gif is how you’ll feel 10 minutes from now:

The 12th gif is how you’ll live 10 years from now:

The 3rd gif is how the same sex sees you:

the 20th gif is how the opposite sex sees you:

The 2nd gif is what you’ll dream about tonight:

The 15th gif is what your parents thought of you when you were born:

The last gif is how people will feel at your funeral:

30th is you at your wedding:

22nd is your fiance on the day of your wedding:

14th is your current love life:

So freaking accurate.

27th is your day tomorrow:

16th describes your life as a whole:

Pretty much.

11th is how your weekend will turn out:

35th is how you’ll feel when you wake up:

4th is you after you’ve stayed up all night:

45th is how you die: