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imagine banana wiht any other vowel






It’s even more fun with Korean vowels:






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Made my first 8-Tracks playlist called “Current Nostalgia.”

World/Nationality Challlenge Day 6 -  Languages you can Speak? (Fluently or Learning.)
American English (fluent); Italian/Italiano (rusty); Japanese/日本語 (Okay); Korean/한국어 (Poor).

World/Nationality Challlenge Day 6 -  Languages you can Speak? (Fluently or Learning.)

American English (fluent); Italian/Italiano (rusty); Japanese/日本語 (Okay); Korean/한국어 (Poor).



this is usually my reaction to fried chicken as well

And people say it’s only black people who get excited over fried chicken

We’re not alone after all.

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Guess what?

Why? Because this is my new jam. And yes, I may be a VIP first, but guess what? 

Look at the above GIF again.

Here’s what I wrote about it on facebook:

Finally, a Korean single from U-KISS that I love even more than Neverland - in fact, I like it even more than their Japanese stuff! I’m so glad they’ve finally broken their addiction to constant auto-tuning and broken “this is Mordney present” English, and had some killer harmonies (btw, I noticed a bass voice in there, I wonder who it is). This group has really blossomed over the past year, and I’m looking forward to what they have next. ^_^


The rumors about Caucasian people in KPOP groups…..

IF those are really true…

I came into KPOP because of the KOREAN people. 

I wanted to see KOREANS! ASIANS! 

I think Koreans/ASIANS are so beautful! Maybe it’s because I’m

a Caucasian in the US and I’m tired of seeing my own 

kind everywhere; TV, stores, ETC. It’s nice seeing 

something different you know? I don’t want a “Justin Bieber”

to be part of a KPOP group…..It just wouldn’t look right….

….As immature as I may sound….


Having Chinese, Japanese, Thai members are fine but Caucasian? o.O

Sorry, it won’t do for me….


To me this sounds like “Oh I’m so sick of being treated well and seeing people like me being acknowledged for their talent and being seen as beautiful all the time.”


Still at my age in America I can think of only one celebrity that looked like my “race” on mainstream television, and I can vividly remember the day I first saw her and how me and my family felt. I remember feeling like I really could be or do anything I wanted to no matter what it was. Although I felt positive towards the idea of doing what I wanted, seeing her on TV really cemented that any dream I had could become whatever I wanted. If you’re sick of seeing white people all the time, move somewhere that doesn’t have a Caucasian majority. K-Pop is Korean Pop because the language of the music is primarily Korean and the music is made in Korea. Saying that Caucasians can’t make Korean music because they’re white is like saying Asians/Asian-Americans can’t make American pop because they’re not white or black - which is exactly why some Americans and Canadians of Asian descent are leaving for Korea to become pop stars in the first place.

This is by far the best choreography and English coaching I’ve ever seen. [Turn on annotations for subtitles]

Taeyang scolded by choreographer UV Syndrome[ENG] (by tanita1213)

Ah, Jo Kwon, I love you. Can you just be my sassy best friend? Kthxbai.



“Im…im FOGI”

Ring Pop and Korean TV. Yup, this pretty much sums up my blog title.

See? It’s pretty easy telling the difference.


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2127. Asian Languages. Fyi, here’s how you tell them apart.

Day 3: If you could speak another language, what would it be?

한국어, obvi. I can already speak it a bit and read it, but if I could be completely fluent in just one language other than English, Korean would be my first choice. Not just because of music or television over there, but the language itself is intrinsically beautiful in my opinion - even down to the way the syllabic blocks function.

I know, I’m a language nerd…okay maybe just a straight up nerd nerd.

Ditto. Classic.


this never fails to amuse me.

Songs From My Present - #50: Clazziquai Project (클래지콰이), “Tell Yourself,” from the album Mucho Punk

This video is adorable and witty and matches the song perfectly. It’s a nice pick-me-up sort of song that makes my day a little brighter. ^_^

30 Day 2NE1 Challenge - day 9: Favorite Clip From 2NE1 TV

"Wassup We 2NEwhooooa!"

30 Day 2NE1 Challenge - Day 8: Favorite 2NE1 & BIGBANG Pairing
CL & GD. SWAG X 10000.

30 Day 2NE1 Challenge - Day 8: Favorite 2NE1 & BIGBANG Pairing

CL & GD. SWAG X 10000.