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Congrats to WINNER! Even though the team I wasn’t supporting took it, when I went to vote, I realized I had become so accustomed to seeing the winning group together, and couldn’t picture them being broken up in any way, while the other team had members whose faces I wasn’t remembering as part of the group (if that makes sense). It made me even doubt if I was voting for the right team. It was a really close race though. All 11 of the guys are really talented, and I wish them the best. ♥

Side note: from an analytical approach, this show was quite interesting, and I’m curious to see what will happen as a result not only to the artists involved, but to the music and entertainment industry in Korea as a whole. If you haven’t watched any of the episodes, they are on Mnet’s YouTube channel, and they have English subs (and I think Spanish and 日本語 too).


(via National Flags Created From the Foods Each Country Is Commonly Associated With)

I continue to use my food lens when looking for posts. These flags from Australian advertising agency WHYBIN\TBWAT were created to promote the Sydney International Food Festival. The flags use foods native to each nation: basil, pasta and tomatoes on Italy’s flag, Kalamata olives and feta cheese for Greece, tuna and rice for Japan. (That’s France with cheese and grapes.) — heidi


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Either Italy or South Korea to teach English. I’d like to try visiting and potentially living abroad to get immersed in another culture and impact communities worldwide.

When it comes to inspirational people, I tend to be most influenced by people I actually know. I don’t really have a go-to list of inspirational people, tbh.

However, I’d definitely say I’m inspired by my mother, and she happens to be from my country. As far as someone from another country, I’d have to go with Tablo, who grew up in Canada and S. Korea. They’re totally different people, but what they do have in common is that I feel I can connect with them. Tablo has aspects of his personality that I can relate to, and my mother is literally related to me, so there.


World/Nationality Challenge Day 11 - What’s your favourite movie from your country and another country? Try and compare them.

My favorite from US/UK - Clue (1985)

One of my favorite foreign films - I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK. (S. Korea, 2006)

Clue is a fun and quirky comedy from an all-star ensemble cast and is based on one of my favorite board games. Tim Curry steals the show.

I’m a Cyborg is more quirky than Clue, but is also very silly and funny as well. Instead of being a romantic comedy, it’s a comedy that happens to have romance in it. I think if it was made in the US in the early 90s, it would have starred Johnny Depp rather than Rain.

Day 4 - Your favourite foriegn country?

I haven’t been out of the country, so I cannot knowledgeably pick a favorite from experience. However I have been considering moving to Japan or S. Korea and/or visiting Italy to teach/tutor English.

20 Day Running Man Challenge - DAY 13: YOUR FAVOURITE LOCATION

The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts (episode 30)

Meet HJ Lim, the first woman and youngest person to record all of Beethoven’s sonatas.

Oh yeah, and since she was raised in one country for the first half of her life and lived in another for the second half, she has a double accent. Not sure if it’s just me, but I think that’s pretty cool.

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아리가또고자이마스 - This title literally reads as ‘Arigato Gozaimasu,’ and is apparently what Koreans think Japanese music sounds like. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it.

this is the music video to this song

Cannot. Stop. Laughing.


Another Monument of Unknown Significance via flickr
Independence Hall, South Korea
March 10, 2012

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EPIC - the BIGBANG way.

Mezamashi TV airs preview of 2NE1’s Scream - allkpop

Music Pick of the Day - World Indie Edition!

Artist: Peterpan Complex

Song: 자꾸만 눈이 마주쳐

Year: 2011

Genre: Indie Pop/Indie Rock/Electronic

Country: S. Korea