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kevjumba: this is kind of embarrassing but my friends and I have matching pajamas.

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I am so pumped for these videos. I love Kevin’s dad!

15 Day YouTube Challenge! Day 1: Favorite “Youtuber” - why?

This is super hard to pick. I really love Wheezy Waiter (Craig Benzine), Ryan HigaCharlie McDonnell, and many others. However, if I must pick just one, I guess I’ll go with Kevin Wu aka Kevjumba.

I just noticed that in my celebrity best friend post, I made a last minute change from Kevin Woo to Kevin Wu. Maybe Kevins are just cool like that…

10 Day You Movie Challenge - Day 6: Pick 5 celebrities you would love to play your best friend. For each, find something you look for in a friend and build around it.

1 - Donald Glover - the quintessential cool black nerd.

2. Park Bom - she’s totally hilarious.

3. Kevin Wu (obvi.)

4. Daniel Radcliffe - he comes off as a cool intellectual who has a sophisticated taste. Basically, a borderline hipster. I’m down with that.

5. Simon and Martina (a 2 for 1 special!) - they’re the cutest married couple around and we could wast hours watching Korean music videos and doing Homestar Runner impressions while collecting awesome t-shirts. Yesss!

Note: when you decide you want to be a Korean Pop star, don’t use sharpie on your eyes. Also, don’t start lip-syncing to Super Junior and posting it on the internet unless you are Kevjumba. Especially if you’re a dude. You will regret it instantly.

David Choi’s face is so spot on.

David Choi’s face is so spot on.