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If you want a quality program to watch that isn’t too lengthy this summer (and you don’t mind subtitles), I have a suggestion.

Reason’s why you may be interested/should watch it -

  1.  It’s a historical drama that doesn’t revolve around white people.
  2.  It touches on issues such as women’s rights, homosexuality, Confucianism, balance of political power, party divisions, class divisions, trade, and the balance between legality, morality, and justice.
  3. It’s also got romance with hints of comedy and vigilante action.
  4. It’s only 20 1-hour episodes and it’s free and legal to watch online.

The show is called Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and it takes place in Joseon (Modern Day Korea) in 1790. If you regularly watch Asian dramas, you’ve probably already watched it or at least heard of it. I’ve never watched an Asian historical drama before and was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining and content-filled it turned out to be.

You can watch the series in its entirety here. Also, if you connect your facebook account, the site will keep track of what episodes you’ve seen and how far into the episode you are. Enjoy!