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#YTFTour2012 in Portland. Great vibes. (Taken with instagram)


Some of @ytfglobal on stage in Portland. @therealryanhiga @d_TRX @victorQUEST @andrewagarcia (Taken with instagram)


kevjumba: this is kind of embarrassing but my friends and I have matching pajamas.

(via chvlse)

dating tips: what not to say to your girlfriend

I am so pumped for these videos. I love Kevin’s dad!

Art by Victor Kim, photo by Arvin Jed Finger. Click the photo for more!

Art by Victor Kim and Arvin Jed Finger. Click the photo for more!

Reasons why Victor Kim is awesome #2:
Via Victor Kim’s facebook: “Trying to fix some leaky faucets.” 

Reasons why Victor Kim is awesome #2:

Via Victor Kim’s facebook: “Trying to fix some leaky faucets.” 


MUS.I.C. with @iamtherealdtrix @andrewagarcia @chesterseesphotos! #YTFGANG (Taken with instagram)

15 Day YouTube Challenge! Day 1: Favorite “Youtuber” - why?

This is super hard to pick. I really love Wheezy Waiter (Craig Benzine), Ryan HigaCharlie McDonnell, and many others. However, if I must pick just one, I guess I’ll go with Kevin Wu aka Kevjumba.

Reasons Why Victor Kim is So Awesome #12:

He can wear stupid stuff like this and still have way more swag than you could ever hope to possess.

I mean, come on, the best we can do wearing a tiny party hat and moustache looks like this. 

Not terrible, but not even close.

I just noticed that in my celebrity best friend post, I made a last minute change from Kevin Woo to Kevin Wu. Maybe Kevins are just cool like that…

10 Day You Movie Challenge - Day 5: Pick 5 celebrities you would love to play your love interest. For each, find something that attracts you and build around it.

Crap, 5? Whenever there’s a list of 5 celebs to be attracted to, I always run out after 2 people or so. Okay let’s see…(btw, this probably took me like an hour. So ridiculous haha)

1. Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P) - He’s a good actor, has the ability to be really silly, and he’s tall and has a deep voice.

2. Ok Taecyeon (Taec) - Same reasons, plus he can speak English.

3. Victor Kim - he makes really cool art…and music…and dances. Basically most of the time spent in a studio creating stuff. Pretty awesome.

4. Lee Ki Woo, but only if his personality is like his character, Choi Kang Hyuk, the quirky, narcoleptic, protective chef who’s a true respecter of persons.

5. Chester See - he’s super funny, and he seems to have the ability to at least almost cry on queue, which is useful. Plus - Chester Knows! (Although I may actually end up spending more time with that red piano…)