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"But even if you think your bullying is serving a greater good, the fact remains that you’re still just a bully. …the Internet doesn’t do take-backs if you change your mind later."


Seungri Problems: Twitter Feed Edition

And now it’s a pop song thanks to gunnarolla.

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Guys, seriously. This is genius. If you have a smart phone, prepare for a really cool innovation in social networking. I’m not paid to advertise anything, I just think it’s really awesome. I just signed up, and if you’re able to, I think you should too!


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I was messing around on twitter today and saw that I still had my second account active which I made just to talk about crazy stuff my family did/said. I nearly forgot about it. So starting today I’m going to semi-regularly post something about my entertaining and crazy family members.

Here’s a classic tweet from my dad (who’s also on tumblr):

Excuse me ma’am while you were backing that thing up & dropping it like it was hot….your AARP card fell out your purse…KaaPow


I hope Tae Yang tells the other members to get Twitter.

So adorable ^.^


I hope Tae Yang tells the other members to get Twitter.

So adorable ^.^

After Floyd Mayweather claimed that Jeremy Lin is getting so much hype just because he’s Asian, K-Pop songwriter, Jenny Hyun released a slew of tweets. She then got threatening tweets from users saying that they knew her address. She then posted an image of the “I regret nothing” meme and placed an image of an African hut next to an image from the Roman Empire for contrast. After hearing revving up engines outside her home to threaten her, she released a half-hearted apology on her blog which she later deleted.

You may have just ruined your career, Jenny.