American, Millenial, Whovian, art historian (kinda). I love Jesus, YouTube, and you. I enjoy me some music, culture, laughter, and linguistics among lots of other random stuff.

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1. Electric Shock areia electrostep remix - f(x)

2. Gangnam Style - Psy

3. Holding Back The Years - Simply Red

4. Painkiller - SPICA

5. All of Tablo’s Fever’s End album

6. Ping - Clazziquai

7. How We Feel - Clazzi feat. Seulong of 2AM

8. Planet Home - Jamiroquai

9. You Deserve Better - Verbal Jint feat. Sanchez of Phantom

10. I Love Lucy - Big Phony - seriously, watch this video. It’s one of the best music videos of our generation, no joke.