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Made my first 8-Tracks playlist called “Current Nostalgia.”

Seven Day Culture Challenge

Day 7: Do you have a favorite artist from a country other than your own?

Well, what kind of artist are we talking here? Like Michelangelo? I love Michelangelo. I mean, look at this detail! 

If we’re talking musical artist, it depends on the country and what day it is. If we’re talking UK, my favorites are Jamiroquai and Queen. If Korea, my favorites are BIGBANGTablo, and my new faves, Clazziquai Project/DJ Clazzi. Enjoy the link attack, people!

15 day YouTube challenge

Day 2: Post your favorite music video.

Again, due to my love of the subject, it’s really hard to pick. This is one of my favorite music videos of the youtube age, but one of my all-time favorites is Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity.

Songs From My Childhood - #27: Jamiroquai, “Planet Home,” from the album, Synkronized(1999)

This entire album is great and comes from a great band. Even though most of the music I listen to them is from the 90s, their music transcends time and genre classification. This is the second track from their album Synkronized, the first track being “Canned Heat,” which was featured in the film Napoleon Dynamite.