World/Nationality Challenge Day 13: What is your favourite music from your country and another country? Try and compare them.

Picking a favorite artist from any country is difficult for me - I love it all and it depends on my mood. When it comes to American music, you can never go wrong with Michael Jackson.

One of my favorite South Korean acts is Clazziquai. However, they are more comparable to the UK group Jamiroquai rather than an American music act. They make music in a plethora of genres including bossa nova, funk, and electronic/dance among others. Nevertheless, everything they make is very Clazziquai.

Day 16 - 10 favorite songs at the moment

1. Electric Shock areia electrostep remix - f(x)

2. Gangnam Style - Psy

3. Holding Back The Years - Simply Red

4. Painkiller - SPICA

5. All of Tablo’s Fever’s End album

6. Ping - Clazziquai

7. How We Feel - Clazzi feat. Seulong of 2AM

8. Planet Home - Jamiroquai

9. You Deserve Better - Verbal Jint feat. Sanchez of Phantom

10. I Love Lucy - Big Phony - seriously, watch this video. It’s one of the best music videos of our generation, no joke.

Day 14 - Top 10 favorite bands/artists (at the moment)

Listed in parentheses are the band/artists country of origin, languages of music (if more than one), and genre(s).

  1. Coldplay (UK; Alternative)
  2. Clazziquai/Clazziquai Project (S. Korea (Korean/English/Japanese); Electronica/House/Acid Jazz/Bossa Nova/Groove/Experimental)
  3. Tablo (Korea/Canada; Hip-hop)
  4. Big Bang (S. Korea (Korean/Japanese/English); K-Pop/Hip-hop)
  5. Queen (UK; Classic Rock)
  6. Michael Jackson (US, Pop/R&B/Disco)
  7. Rage Against The Machine (US; Hard Rock/Alternative)
  8. Esperanza Spalding (US (English/Portuguese); Jazz/Neo Soul/Bossa Nova/Jazz Fusion)
  9. Brooke Waggoner (US; Indie Pop/Folk)
  10. School Food Punishment (Japan; Post Rock/Electronica/Electronic Rock)