20 Day Running Man Challenge - DAY 6: YOUR FAVOURITE GUEST STAR

Hands down Choi Min Soo. You never know what’s gonna happen with this guy. He’s as much of an excitingly unique character as Jack Sparrow. However, this guy exists in real life. You gotta see him in action to understand what I mean.

Yes, I am reblogging myself. *Gasp!* But this rant response is so amazing. 


A few faces of Choi Min Soo, one of my newly discovered people I look up to.

After seeing him on Running Man, I noticed he had a really interesting demeanor about him (especially when he wasn’t “hunting,” and just interacting with others), so I decided to check him out on other shows, and it was amazing.

Every once in a while you run into a person who you can just tell, from their words, actions and attitude, that they know themselves very intimately. So intimately that it seems like they almost know another, bigger secret about the universe.

This man was one of those people for me, and when I read about his time in seclusion, it made sense. I also read reports saying he didn’t really spend those full 2 years in isolation in the woods, but for me that doesn’t matter. It’s evident that he’s at least had enough self-reflection to come out of it a greater man.

He’s frightening, hilarious, and amazingly comfortable in his skin. I can only hope to be a fraction as cool as Choi Min Soo.

/end crazy rant.