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It’s been a while since I bought/downloaded some new music, so I’m not 100% sure. My best guess is that it was something by Andrew Huang.

God. I can talk to Him all the time about anything.

I’m also family oriented, so I’m pretty close with some of my family members, including this little bundle of joy (aka my niece):


I really want and feel called to be a professor. The most growth and most difficult struggles I’ve had to face happened while in college/university. God placed amazing professors in my life that invested in me, helped me find my strength and gave me confidence by encouraging me to go outside my comfort zone and push myself to do my best. I really want to pay it forward. I love sharing knowledge, and I want to help people the way my professors helped me. In class, they helped me to look at the world differently and outside of class they helped me look at myself in a new light. I think the best way to thank them is to use the skills they taught me and share it with students who are also working to find their way in such a vital time in their lives, whether they are traditional or non-traditional students.

Why? Because it’s my blog and I do what I want! Also, I’d like to get a little more personal with you guys, but still make it fun. Feel free to join in! Or not, I don’t control your personal will (or do I? …I don’t). (The challenge list is here.)

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"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." - JFK

Tbh, I’m not much of a quotes person.

Yes. My mother is of mainly Scotch-Irish/Scots-Irish descent with a bit of English and German, and my dad is mainly of African descent. However, both sides of my family have had members in the United States for hundreds of years.

Day 21 - List 5 National flags of your liking.

Heck yeah, I love flags! In no particular order…

  1.  Lebanon
  2.  Brazil
  3.  South Korea
  4.  Greece
  5.  Hong Kong

Day 20 - Give 5 random historical facts about your country.

1. Although Asian Americans are seen as a fairly recently rising minority, the first immigrants arrived before the Revolutionary war, and there’s evidence that Asians fought on both sides of the Civil War.

2. In world history, there is a saying that despotism always leads to despotism. That means that whenever a despot is overthrown, he eventually just gets replaced with another despot. The United States is the major exception. Our despot was replaced with George Washington, who chose not to become a king and he stepped down after 2 terms of presidency.

3. My hometown is the alleged location of the country’s first drive-thru window (Maid-Rite Sandwich shop)  and the first corn dog on a stick (Cozy Dog), both places are still open today.

4. The United States doesn’t have an official language. It’s determined by each state, and not all states have official languages.

5. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the longest sitting president of the US. He was president for 12 years.

Either Italy or South Korea to teach English. I’d like to try visiting and potentially living abroad to get immersed in another culture and impact communities worldwide.

World/Nationality Challenge Day 17 - Post a picture of a famous landmark you love.

This is the Dana-Thomas House, located a couple doors down from where I work. It’s a Frank Lloyd Wright building. Unfortunately, I have the worst timing ever and have yet to get a proper full historical tour, although I did get to quickly walk through it when it was decorated for Christmas one year.

I like a lot of accents, but I’ll have to go with Welsh.

Day 15 - What is your favourite piece of art from your country and another country? Try and compare them.

As an art history major and being friends with countless artists, it’s impossible to pick one favorite piece from any country.I’ll go with a couple of my favorite artists.

US - Felicia Olin - her artwork is amazing. I especially love her portraiture. She also happens to be acquainted with a lot of my friends and family.

Czech Republic - Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) His most popular artwork was made in France, but he worked across Europe and North America. My favorite works of his are his portrait posters, (which also feature women).

When it comes to inspirational people, I tend to be most influenced by people I actually know. I don’t really have a go-to list of inspirational people, tbh.

However, I’d definitely say I’m inspired by my mother, and she happens to be from my country. As far as someone from another country, I’d have to go with Tablo, who grew up in Canada and S. Korea. They’re totally different people, but what they do have in common is that I feel I can connect with them. Tablo has aspects of his personality that I can relate to, and my mother is literally related to me, so there.


World/Nationality Challenge Day 13: What is your favourite music from your country and another country? Try and compare them.

Picking a favorite artist from any country is difficult for me - I love it all and it depends on my mood. When it comes to American music, you can never go wrong with Michael Jackson.

One of my favorite South Korean acts is Clazziquai. However, they are more comparable to the UK group Jamiroquai rather than an American music act. They make music in a plethora of genres including bossa nova, funk, and electronic/dance among others. Nevertheless, everything they make is very Clazziquai.