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Despite stellar performances and high scores from the judges every week, biracial “SBS K-Pop Star” contestant, Lee Michelle consistently received a low amount of votes from the audience, and she recently got eliminated, placing 5th. The judges placed her as a front runner for the competition and many international fans thought she might win. I’m so glad that JYP (CEO of a record company of the same name) was brave enough to call out his own country for it’s closed-mindedness, which especially needs to cease as other nations have begun paying a lot more attention to South Korea than ever before.



“I strongly believe that all the parents (in Korea) must continuously teach and educate their child not to make fun of someone, or make derogatory comments, just because of that person’s skin color or race. I wonder if there’s any other country than Korea that’s so close-minded and oppressed in that manner. And I would like to applaud Lee Michelle for overcoming all the barriers and showing a new possibility with her performance today.” - JYP

If you know me, I know you’re not surprised at my result.

After Floyd Mayweather claimed that Jeremy Lin is getting so much hype just because he’s Asian, K-Pop songwriter, Jenny Hyun released a slew of tweets. She then got threatening tweets from users saying that they knew her address. She then posted an image of the “I regret nothing” meme and placed an image of an African hut next to an image from the Roman Empire for contrast. After hearing revving up engines outside her home to threaten her, she released a half-hearted apology on her blog which she later deleted.

You may have just ruined your career, Jenny.