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Lately, I’ve been facing some serious regrets. One was something I did to a friend of mine not too long ago, and the other has to do with something I should have pursued years ago and didn’t. Unfortunately the one person I feel I can talk to who would understand is the same friend that I acted regretfully towards. I used to feel like regret was just a bad feeling that I wasn’t supposed to have, but I’m beginning to realize that the reason we feel regret is to learn from past mistakes. Until the lesson is fully learned and applied, we will still feel it. The real question is what to do next.

The photo is one of my mementos from when I was inches away from pursuing what I should have at least tried. Both of these regrets came from the fact that I looked to myself first and didn’t even let God get a word in. Hopefully I’ve fully learned my lesson, because I feel like I have. Now I just need to apply what I’ve learned to deal with my past actions and make better choices in the future.

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