10 Day You Movie Challenge - Day 5: Pick 5 celebrities you would love to play your love interest. For each, find something that attracts you and build around it.

Crap, 5? Whenever there’s a list of 5 celebs to be attracted to, I always run out after 2 people or so. Okay let’s see…(btw, this probably took me like an hour. So ridiculous haha)

1. Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P) - He’s a good actor, has the ability to be really silly, and he’s tall and has a deep voice.

2. Ok Taecyeon (Taec) - Same reasons, plus he can speak English.

3. Victor Kim - he makes really cool art…and music…and dances. Basically most of the time spent in a studio creating stuff. Pretty awesome.

4. Lee Ki Woo, but only if his personality is like his character, Choi Kang Hyuk, the quirky, narcoleptic, protective chef who’s a true respecter of persons.

5. Chester See - he’s super funny, and he seems to have the ability to at least almost cry on queue, which is useful. Plus - Chester Knows! (Although I may actually end up spending more time with that red piano…)